Farm at Viva

Viva Farms Welcomes New Farm Start-ups

Why launch my farm at Viva?

Viva Farms reduces barriers to entry by assisting new farmers access the resources they need to get started. By farming at Viva Farms, new farmers can avoid the huge initial investment of starting a farm business from the ground up. Viva Farms offers assistance by providing the 5 essentials to starting a new farm business: Land, Equipment/Infrastructure, Training, Markets, and Capital.  Resources include tractors and equipment, greenhouses, irrigation, cold storage, access to markets through Viva's farm stand and wholesale program, training and technical assistance, organic certification, community, and more!

To operate at Viva, you will need to:
1)  Have a Production Plan and a Business Plan for your farm operation.  These will be the main documents laying out what your business goals are and how your farm will be successful.  These can be completed individually, provided the participant as adequate experience to create these valuable roadmaps for success.  

Additionally, Participants looking for more resources and support to develop both their Production and Business Plans, can take the Cultivating Success series, offered by Washington State University, in conjunction with Skagit Valley College's Sustainable Agriculture Education (SAgE) program:

2)  Complete the Practicum in Sustainable Agriculture, offered by Viva Farms in conjunction with Skagit Valley College

  • Enroll in Skagit Valley College's SAgE Practicum Series for Spring, Summer, and Fall Quarters.
  • Go through an entire farming season at Viva Farms while receiving instruction and applying knowledge through operating a small-scale market farm on-site, with fellow students.
  • See Courses Page for more Information
3)  Be ready to launch your farm
  • Do you have the time and resources you need to get started? Do you have reasonably secure markets for your products?

Basic operating costs: (2017 rates, subject to change)
  • Land lease $350 per acre, per season
  • Irrigation supply $100 per acre per season (this covers water up to the hydrant. each farm is responsible from that point on: headers, drip tape, sprinklers, etc.)
  • Program fees $200 per acre, per season - covers use of shared infrastructure such as greenhouse space, cold storage, field processing shed, electricity, roads, port-a-potties, comprehensive liability insurance, organic certification and technical assistance with production, marketing and business management.
  • Field equipment rental varies - use of tractors costs $27/hr + $5-20/hr for implements. In order to rent equipment, you must complete or test out of our tractor safety course. If you require a tractor operator, the cost is $20/hr.
  • Other expenses not covered by Viva: Seeds, transplants, greenhouse supplies, row covers, hoop house construction, irrigation supplies, packaging, marketing materials, farmers market fees, business licensing fees, transport - these costs are all borne by each farm business.
Available space at Viva Farms.Viva Farms' 33 Acres are divided into .25-5 acre parcels that are leased to and independently operated by start-up farmers.  

If you are interested about learning more about starting an independent farm operation at Viva Farms, please contact us at info@vivafarms or call us at (360) 969-7191.