Farm at Viva

Viva Farms welcomes new farm start-ups! To operate at Viva, you will need to:
  • Complete Sustainable Small Farming and Ranching or comparable coursework (offered Wednesday nights, 6-9pm, for 12 weeks, Sept - Dec. Info and sign up on our Courses page.
  • Complete Agricultural Entrepreneurship and Farm Business Planning or comparable coursework (offered Thursday nights, 6-9pm, for 12 weeks, Jan-Apr) Info and sign up on our Courses page.
  • Submit a well thought-out, written farm business plan - developing this plan is the core focus of the farm business planning course, which guides you through the business planning process
  • Show that you have previous experience producing the crops that you plan to grow commercially at Viva
  • Be ready to launch your farm: do you have the time and resources you need to get started? Do you have reasonably secure markets for your products? Our business planning course helps you answer these questions if you're unsure. Basic operating costs include the following: (2012 rates, subject to change)
    • Land lease $200 per acre, per season
    • Irrigation supply $80-$100 per acre per season (this covers water up to the hydrant. each farm is responsible from that point on: headers, drip tape, sprinklers, etc.)
    • Program fees $150 per acre, per season - covers use of shared infrastructure such as greenhouse space, cold storage, field processing shed, electricity, roads, port-a-potties, comprehensive liability insurance, organic certification and technical assistance with production, marketing and business management.
    • Field equipment rental VARIES - use of tractors costs $25/hr + $5-20/hr for implements. In order to rent equipment, you must complete or test out of our tractor safety course. If you require a tractor operator, the cost is $20/hr.
    • Other expenses not covered by Viva: Seeds, transplants, greenhouse supplies, row covers, hoop house construction, irrigation supplies, packaging, marketing materials, farmers market fees, business licensing fees, transport - these costs are all borne by each farm business.
  • Available space at Viva Farms