Pure Nelida
Owned & operated by Nelida Martinez & Lizette Flores

Pure Nelida grows 72 Varieties of veggies, NW and Oaxacan herbs, flowers, fresh tortillas, and Oaxacan bread.

"Me gusta mucho crecer las plantas, producir buen alimentacion, para alguien más. Me gusta mucho, este trabajo es mi pasión!"

"I like to grow plants and provide nourishment for everyone. I like it a lot, this work is my passion!"

Lozano Farms
Owned and operated by Santiago Lozano
Lozano Farms specializes in strawberries and raspberries.

"Me gusta trabajar mi mismo y tener la mejor fruta."

"I like to work for myself and grow the best fruit."


Regino's Farm
Owned and operated by Regino & Martina Gutierrez

Martina and Regino's farm sells strawberries and green beans. 

Buena Berry
Owned and operated by Mauricio Soto & Senaida Vela

Buena Berry grows blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries.

"Soy una persona que le gusta la vida al aire libre."

"I am a person who likes living life outdoors."

Owned and operated by Beth & Kevin Meeneghan

Sustenance specializes in artichokes, winter squash, tomatoes, okra, chard, kale, and beans.

"I love growing fresh, healthy, tasty food. I want to share this business I truly love with others."

Owned and operated by Anne Baxter 

Arguta specializes in cold hardy kiwis.

Sabino's Farm
Owned and 
operated by Sabino Flores

Sabino's Farm grows chilacayote, chiles, beets, lettuce, and squash.

"I want to be a farmer because I want to plant vegetables that are healthy to eat."

"Quiero ser un ranchero porque quiero sembrar verduras que sean saludables para comer."

Bruce sells mixed vegetables in the summer and pottery during the winter.

Boldly Grown Farm
Owned and operated by Jacob Slosberg & Amy Frye

Boldly Grown focuses on root vegetables, storage crops, winter squashes, and beautiful flowers.

The Crow's Farm
Owned and operated by Matt Cioni & Giana Wakim

The Crow's Farm specializes in herbs, mixed vegetables and flowers.

Yong Dun Farm
Owned and operated by David Kim

Yong Dun Farm grows Korean medicinal roots, sesame leaves, and mixed vegetables

Jubilee Farm
Owned and operated by Jason Crowell

Jubliee grows a wide diversity of mixed vegetables and roots using permaculture techniques

Jonquil Farm
Owned and operated by Jonelle Schermerhorn & Loren

Jonquil Farm focuses on mixed vegetables and dried beans


Northwest Green Farm
Owned and operated by brothers Salvador and Misael Morales 

NW Green Farm grows salad greens.
More info on NW Green Farm's blog:

Ladyfield Farm
Owned and operated by Abbey Bloom-Esposito 

Ladyfield grows ornamental plants for wholesale. 

Owned and operated by Dr. Ali Inad and Ghazi Adood 

Ali's Farm sells a variety of vegetables and fava beans.

Funny Farm
Owned and operated by Britany Fink

Funny Farm grows beets, onions, carrots, and cauliflower.

"I love the work, and it's our way to be self sufficient." 

Lucy's Nursery
Owned and operated by Lucia Villegas
Lucy specializes in flowers and lilies.

"Mis padres fueron rancheros, y a mi también me gusta la vida de un ranchero. Este es me pasatiempo favorito."

"My parents were farmers, and I also like the life of a farmer. This is my favorite pastime."